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What is RailTeam?
It is a grouping of high-speed operators, such as Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn, whose trains connect with each other at key hubs such as Brussels and Cologne.
If you miss a connection because your train is delayed, you can hop on the next high-speed train. You should just ask the station staff (at, say, Brussels or Cologne) to put a “RailTeam” stamp on your ticket.


Enforcing Passenger Rights
If you have problems with train services within Great Britain, concerning delays and missed connections, for example, you should contact Transport Focus.


Did you know that you can buy a special ticket from your local station to “London International” when you travel by Eurostar? It enables you to travel by any train and is especially useful if the Eurostar is delayed or if you have to travel in the peak period.

This ticket is also called a “London CIV” or “Euro High Saver” ticket. If you purchase it from a station booking office, you should be prepared to show your Eurostar ticket.


Did you know that you could leave London in the early morning and be in Barcelona by the evening?  Or leave Manchester at breakfast time and enjoy your evening meal in Frankfurt?

For longer journeys on the Continent, there are still night trains in many countries – so lunch in London and breakfast next morning as you approach Vienna is a possibility.

Your journey may start in Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper; or involve one leg by air or ferry, to be completed by train. It could also have the flexibility that comes with an Interrail pass.

On a business trip, you probably want a fast journey with minimal changes and space to work – so Eurostar, Thalys, ICE, and TGV are all high-speed options – as far as for example, Spain and Italy. You may also want to reserve a seat or indeed a cabin on a night train.

On a leisure trip, however, you may prefer to go “the pretty way” – by normal InterCity train down the scenic Rhine Gorge, or tourist train over the classic Lotschberg or St Gotthard line rather than the new base tunnel.