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AERA is a UK trade association for European rail travel which has an expanding membership of agents, railways, and rail professionals. We also provide information and advice to the public about booking Europan rail and on European rail holidays. We act on behalf of our members and the public to enact change on a wide range of issues, from accessibility, delays, and compensation through to the preservation of night services and ongoing investment into rail infrastructure. Click here to learn more


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Eurostar and Seamless Travel – AERA General Meeting April 2019

AERA General Meeting Update and Outcomes - April 2019 EUROSTAR AND SEAMLESS TRAVEL During the recent general meeting of AERA in April, the members discussed Eurostar issues in the view of feedback from customers. One of the outcomes of the discussion was to aim for...

Places to go in the UK: Chathill for Ellingham Hall

Most of my visits for this column are to towns and cities, but small rural stations sometimes yield useful places to visit. I was in need of a “writing day” and settled upon Ellingham Hall in north Northumberland for a day out, using the small station at Chathill only...

Places to go in the UK: Perth, Scotland

In the Brockley Whins area of South Tyneside are two adjoining housing estates.  To the west is the Scotch estate where all the roads are named after cities and towns in Scotland, which is Jarrow NE32.  To the east is the Australian estate in South Shields NE34, roads...

Travel Tips of April 2019

Did you know that you can buy a special ticket from your local station to “London International” when you travel by Eurostar? It enables you to travel by train and is especially useful if the Eurostar is delayed or if you have to travel in the peak period!

This ticket is also called a “London CIV” or “Euro High Saver” ticket. If you purchase it from a station booking office, you should be prepared to show your Eurostar ticket.